Machine advantages

  1. 1. Using international advanced fiber lasers generator.

  2. 2. Haoji optical path design, maintenance-free optical path, low operating cost, good cutting quality and high processing efficiency.

  3. 3. This machine adopts Haoji customized fully enclosed cutting control system and adopts imported servo motor. It has high precision, fast speed and ability to handle small products twice faster than the screw platform.

  4. 4. Using the integrated design of the marble platform frame, the structure is reasonable, safe and reliable, the imported linear motor platform, the imported cutting head, and the fiber laser of any manufacturer can be equipped.

    New energy precision laser cutting machine.png

  5. 5. The cutting head adopts the LASERMECH optical fiber cutting head imported from the United States and capacitive sensor, which has high sensing accuracy, sensitive response, stable and reliable performance.

  6. 6. The numerical control system adopts a dedicated laser control system and an imported non-contact height tracking system, which is sensitive and accurate, not affected by the shape of the workpiece, and can process any graphics.

  7. 7. And professional CAM software, powerful, stable operation, simple operation and easy to learn.

  8. 8. Using a CNC structure, the fuselage adopts an integral welding structure, and undergoes vibration aging treatment, which can completely eliminate welding and processing stress, and has the advantages of good rigidity, high precision, and no deformation.

  9. 9. The guide rail adopts fully enclosed protection to reduce dust pollution, imported high-precision linear motor drive, and imported high-precision linear guide rail.



Technical Parameters

Working size650mm*800mmCutting width0.05-0.10mm
Laser Power1000W/2000W/3000WMax acceleration2G
Positioning accuracy±0.005mmRe-positioning accuracy±0.003mm
Laser generatorimport/domestic(option)Control systemAmerica LASERMECH/China(option)
Working voltage220/380V/50HZ/60HZLaser wave length1075-1085nm
Max positioning speed30m/minMax moving speed50m/min
Driver styleLine driver(single/double driver option)Auxiliary cutting gasair/nitrogen/oxygen
Machine weight1600KGOutside size1500*1800*2100mm
Cutting thickness

CS 0.3-6mm / SS 0.3-4mm / Aluminum alloy 0.3-2mm / Brass and copper 0.3-2mm

Galvanized sheet, cold rolled sheet, electrolytic sheet 0.3-2mm

Other materials can be sampled for free trial cutting

Cutting samples

Apply for materials:Nickel-plated steel strips, nickel sheets, nickel steel strips, SS, CS, Aluminum, etc., and other materials are available for free trial cutting. It is widely used in high-precision metal cutting industries such as new energy batteries.

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Application industry

Kitchen appliances,sheet metal case cabinets,machinery equipment,electrical equipment,lighting hardware,advertising signs,auto parts,display equipment,various metal products,sheet metal cutting and processing industries.