CNC sheet laser cutting machine for stainless steel coffee work station

TIME:07-16 2021

A cup of coffee can bring cool and refreshing feeling in summer, it also can combat tiredness

With the development of work liberalization, we can often see people talking work in coffee shops

Nowadays, the coffee bar serve many functions, such as parties, afternoon tea, business meetings, etc.


The function of the coffee work station directly affects the quality and speed of making coffee. Therefore, coffee shop operators need to choose a multifunctional and durable coffee work station

The stainless steel is the most widely used on the market, and the cnc sheet laser cutting machine is the best choice for processing stainless steel

laser cutting stainless steel.jpg

Whether it is sheet material cutting or seamless welding technology, cnc sheet laser cutting machine can achieve

Realize the seamless welding of the refrigerator cabinet and the operation table, really achieve two-in-one

laser cutting stainless steel.jpg

The thickened steel plate used in the refrigerator can be processed by the cnc sheet laser cutting machine, make job easy

It can be said that laser cutting technology has greatly promoted the vigorous development of the catering industry