Laser cutting dashboard cover mat, your safe travel partner!

TIME:06-08 2021

According to experiments, when the outside temperature reaches 35°C in summer, the temperature in the closed car compartment can reach 65°C after 15 minutes of sunlight.

After long-term sun exposure and UV radiation, the car dashboard is prone to cracks and bulges. Many drivers put a piece of avoid light pad, both covered the cracking place, but also can prevent continuous damage caused by sun exposure to the car dashboard.

Laser cutting dashboard cover mat.jpg

According to the original car version data, 1:1 customized laser cutting dashboard cover mat, smooth lines, radian fit, just like the original, it can block most of the harmful rays, extend the service life, and protect your car in a physical way.

Laser precise cutting avoid light pad, all hole positions reserved by the original vehicle will not affect normal use.

Laser precise cutting avoid light pad.jpg

There is also a very important reason for many drivers to choose laser cutting dashboard cover mat: safety!

The smooth surface of the dashboard easy to reflect strong light in the summer, it will cause blurred vision and affect driving safety.

Laser cutting dashboard cover mat.jpg

We have laser cutting machines which are mainly used for cutting flexible fabrics such as cloth, wool and leather. For more product details, welcome to consult Haoji Technology.