The 4 best machines for cutting metal

TIME:06-05 2021


What is the best machine for cutting metal?There are 4 kinds of machines can be choose, let's have a look.

No1. HJ-6025UH Ultra high power laser cutting machine

It's suitable for high power metal laser cutting machine with the height of 10000 watts to 35000 watts. The cutting thickness of the plate is high, the cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, and the manual is saved.

What materials does the machine cut?

1. Stainless steel plate 0.5-50 mm

2. Carbon steel plate 0.5-50 mm

3. Aluminum plate 0.5-50 mm and other metal plates (related to laser power).


No2. HJ-3015 plate tube integrated laser cutting machine 

Plate tube integrated laser cutting machine can not only meet the customer' s requirements for metal plate cutting, but also to meet the round pipe, square pipe and other kinds of special-shaped pipe cutting. 

The advantages of metal cutting machine:

1. One machine with two functions, simple and easy operation.

2. Adopt Gear and rack drive imported from Germany

3. Self-centering fixture system ensures stable pipe conveying process. So as to ensure high-precision, high-quality processed products.


No3. HJ-14030 Gantry large format laser cutting machine

It's suitable for various machinery manufacturing and processing industries, realizes laser metal cutting large-format, high-power, high-precision cutting, and improves cutting efficiency through rapid positioning and focusing.

There are some technical parameters of this metal cutting machine:

Cutting area:12000*3000MM/14000*3000MM/14000*4000MM

Laser power:3000-20000W

Maximum moving speed:180m/min

Repeat positianing accuracy:0.02mm


No4. HJ-GG6020 High Speed Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

It's a professional tube metal laser cutting machine, which can cut round and square tubes. It is equipped with a special cutting operating system, simple operation, high precision, and strong professionalism, suitable for professional metal tube cutting.


The above 4 machines can meet metal cutting,for more details, please visit our website, the professionals will introduce our products for you.