Haoji Values


Haoji technoloty strives to be more than just one step ahead. Moreover, we aim to define what is the best practice in the industry in China and Asia as a whole.


We see precision, performance and perfection in everything we do as the basic prerequisite for catering to the most demanding clients and industry leaders - worldwide.

By utilizing the very latest imported production technology, focusing on human resource development, environmental protection, health and safety, research and development as well as cooperation with other leading fiber laser manufacturers in China. Haoji technoloty assumes the unique role as a regional R&D powerhouse and one of World's leading fiber laser cutting manufacturer.


  • Corporate Citizenship

Using the Haoji Spirit of “Trust and Loyalty” as a guide, we work hard to establish good relations with our local communities. This is most evident in our philosophy of “Going Further Together,” which we do our best to fulfill through our social impact activities.

  • Talent Development : helping people achieve their dreams

We believe everyone should get the chance to achieve their dreams. That is why we’re engaged in social contribution activities that help others develop their talents and prepare for the moment they may make their dreams come true.

  • Arts and Culture : Enriching people's lives

People’s lives should be filled with enriching experiences. To facilitate this, we organize many different arts and cultural activities so that people may broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world.

  • Social Contributions : Nurturing the spirit of sharing

From our hearts, we wish to create a world filled with shared values and experiences. Across our global operations, we encourage every Haoji employee to volunteer for social impact activities and try to brighten the lives of others.